I’m super excited to be posting this on our new site instead of Facebook as we launch an effort to Restart Ohio in a safe and data driven manner.  Thanks to Michael Shawn McCabe and McCabe Media for putting this together.

Ohio COVID-19 April 1

April 11 brings us another day where we extend the same trends that were already underway.  I’ve updated my graph to just include confirmed cases per the ODH change to begin tracking probable cases.  New daily reported cases have leveled off and begun to decline, but that’s driven by the underlying trend based on date of first infection.  That continues to trend downward over multiple two-week periods.

One of the most important principles of this effort is that data should drive our decision making process.  Models give us guidance regarding what could happen, but now that we have real data, the underlying trends are more important.  Please understand that we’re not asking the Governor to declare everything is back to normal immediately.  We’re asking Governor DeWine and Dr. Acton to recognize that 27 days after shutting down restaurants/bars and increasing restrictions since then that the virus is under control in Ohio.  It is time to begin a gradual restart of our state where we watch the data closely and make adjustments towards more/less restriction as needed.