My Webinar on COVID-19 Analytics in Ohio

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On Tuesday night, I was fortunate enough to join the good folks at EmpowerU Ohio to share a presentation on data analytics.  It's critical we look at the data to understand how we got here and where we are going.  I hope you find this informative and as entertaining as math can be :).

Transitioning from COVID-19 Mitigation to Containment While Returning to Work in Ohio

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Friends, here are my thoughts on Ohio and COVID-19 after another day of good news. Here is how we get back to work safely: As we’ve learned from my friend Mike Wilson’s daily COVID-19 advanced data analysis, Ohio’s mitigation efforts have been very successful, and we are in a consistent downtrend on the backside of the growth rate curve. Congratulations, Ohio, as our hospital systems were never significantly stressed and the model predicted surge was minimal. The downside to our social distancing efforts has been the economic woes caused by the closure of our businesses and the rapidly rising unemployment [...]

4/12 Daily Update and the Meaning of the Derivative

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Today's total - 331 new confirmed cases, 6518 overall and 6604 including probable cases. The trend continues downward, but it isn't very fast.  If you want to understand why and what that means, keep reading. When I analyze the data, I look at 3 pieces of information to understand where the data is leading us. Before sharing those, I want to address death numbers. Obviously the goal of this effort is to prevent deaths, but as long as stay under the threshold of overwhelming our hospitals we'll see some % of infected population pass away from this 10-20 days after [...]

Ohio Coronavirus Daily Update – 04/11/2020

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I'm super excited to be posting this on our new site instead of Facebook as we launch an effort to Restart Ohio in a safe and data driven manner.  Thanks to Michael Shawn McCabe and McCabe Media for putting this together. April 11 brings us another day where we extend the same trends that were already underway.  I've updated my graph to just include confirmed cases per the ODH change to begin tracking probable cases.  New daily reported cases have leveled off and begun to decline, but that's driven by the underlying trend based on date of first infection.  That [...]