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Dr. Robert Bulas received his B.S. and M.D. degrees from The Ohio State University and has served the Greater Cincinnati area as a physician since 1993. He has lectured on health care issues and health care policy, and has extensively analyzed the emerging data and medical publications on the COVID-19 pandemic.

What I Really Believe about COVID-19 and our Path Forward

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As those of you who have read my commentary on COVID-19 over the past month are aware, I have been more optimistic than most on its health impact in Ohio, and in the USA. I never bought into the “Best Models” and their predictions of millions and later hundreds of thousands of deaths. Yes, this pandemic, like all pandemics and epidemics has brought sadness and death to many Americans. Every life is cherished, and I wish that every death could be eliminated in pandemics. Unfortunately, that is not Nature, and that is not possible. I’d like to share my unfiltered [...]

Step #1 in Reopening Ohio’s Economy

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Today, I implore Governor DeWine and DOH Director Dr. Acton to immediately retract their order preventing Ohio's Health Care system from performing "non-emergent" surgery and "other procedures". There were 2 reasons stated for this order: 1. Preservation of PPE for the COVID-19 surge 2. Mitigation of COVID-19 spread in medical/dental offices Let me address (2.) first: Medical professionals are as well versed in infectious disease spread as anyone in our society. At this point, they are fully prepared to take all steps to combine typical sterile procedure with social distancing, accompanied by PPE. Patients will be directed to wear masks [...]

Clearing Up Confusion on COVID-19 Testing

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Until recently, we've been referring to "testing" purely as the tests that use a swab to sample the back of your nose to see if the COVID-19 virus is there. The test, most recently the "Abbott test", is checking for the COVID virus "RNA" (like our DNA). Early test versions took 3-8 days to get results (backed up labs), and the " Abbott test" now takes only up to 30 minutes for a result on site. Even newer versions are checking the the nasal cavity or the mouth saliva, but that's not important for this discussion. The question for this [...]

Transitioning from COVID-19 Mitigation to Containment While Returning to Work in Ohio

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Friends, here are my thoughts on Ohio and COVID-19 after another day of good news. Here is how we get back to work safely: As we’ve learned from my friend Mike Wilson’s daily COVID-19 advanced data analysis, Ohio’s mitigation efforts have been very successful, and we are in a consistent downtrend on the backside of the growth rate curve. Congratulations, Ohio, as our hospital systems were never significantly stressed and the model predicted surge was minimal. The downside to our social distancing efforts has been the economic woes caused by the closure of our businesses and the rapidly rising unemployment [...]